KS2 Trip to Yorkshire Museum


Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Roman artefacts within the museum and were very enthused to wear sandals to walk across the Roman mosaic floor to explore the domestic pottery, jewellery and sculptures. The staff were so impressed with the children's enthusiasm and knowledge as we took part in a Life of a Roman Soldier workshop. Here,  we tried on Roman armour, created Roman  battle formations, played Roman games and explored Roman weapons. It was a fabulous experience to help bring our topic to life!


Class 2 and 3 also enjoyed a forensic science workshop, to explore evidence to determine who the human skeleton was likely to have been. Children examined a real skeleton found in York and first determined if it was a male or female skeleton. We then examined artefacts found with the skeleton, threads of materials and food items to determine who the skeleton was. Children looked very smart in their lab coats, and were impressive in their deduction skills to come to a conclusion! We were correct!


Class 3 also enjoyed taking part in a Greek workshop where we learnt about their everyday lifestyles. The children talked to a retired Ancient Greek Olympian, called Nykos, asked some very intelligent questions and shared their amazing knowledge. Brimming with enthusiasm, they designed their own temples, dressed up as Athenians, performed part of a myth, helped to weave a peplos, sent out an invitation to Class 3’s new Greek city and challenged each other to a Greek style long jump.
A superb experience!


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