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Snow Day Home Learning

Good morning! I hope you get chance to have some fun in the snow today and lots of snowmen are built! Below you will find some home learning for the F2 children. The F1 children have completed their maths for this week but I have included some phonics for them and they can have a go at the other activities too. 


F1 phonics: Using an instrument you may have at home e.g. a rattle, or a wooden spoon on a mixing bowl, can children practise making different sounds, e.g. loud, quiet, fast, slow. 


F2 phonics: Green group (Set 2 sounds) - we have been learning ay, ee, igh this week - please practise reading and spelling these words: say, may, play, been, feet, green, high, night, bright. Don't forget to use your Fred Fingers!

Please practise reading the speed sounds, story green words and speedy green words in your Green book, and read the story.


F2 phonics: Blending group (Set 1 Sounds) - we have been learning sh, ch, th this week - please practise reading and spelling these words: shop, fish, chip, chat, thin, this. Then practise reading your sound blending book or ditty sheet (whichever you have). 


F2 maths: please watch the following video: Session 9 - Making 10 on Vimeo

Follow up activity is saved as a pdf. There is no expectation to print this activity. Please look at the 10 frames, work out how many more counters are needed to make 10 then point to the numeral on the screen. You could even have a go at writing the numeral!


Topic: Build a snowman! Can you choose a name for him? Can you tell me a story about him? You could film your story and put it on Tapestry. You could draw a picture of him and write some labels or a sentence using simple words. E.g. It is cold. It has a hat. 


In RE this afternoon we were going to be trying hot cross buns! They are now in my freezer for next week. If you have any at home, why do you think we eat them at Easter time? Why do you think they have a cross on them? You can watch the Easter story here: The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World - YouTube


I can't wait to look on Tapestry and see what you have been up to. Have a lovely day and weekend and I will see you on Monday. 


Mrs McMahon :)