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Welcome back! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break and are ready for an exciting term of discovery and learning.

We will start off the term with Science Week – with a series of Harry Potter science experiments to discover how far a snitch can travel, if slime is a solid or liquid, and how to read an invisible message. It will be an amazing week of science discovery!



During the Spring Term, our topic focusses on the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians. This will link to our English work on instructional writing and newspaper report writing. Science will focus on states of matter and children will explore solids, liquids and gases through a series of experiments to enhance their investigative skills. Geography will focus on locating ancient civilisations and identifying physical and human geography features linked to these civilisations including Egyptians. We will reflect upon Hinduism, the Christian Bible and the meaning of Easter in RE. In Art, we will print on different media and in DT, we will explore levers and their use to lift water from the Nile.


Through reading comprehension activities, we will focus on inference and deduction skills. Children will continue to develop their vocabulary, understanding of grammar and accuracy when spelling, including words on the National Curriculum year 3/ 4 spelling list.  


Maths lessons will follow the National Curriculum, and will focus on multiplication, division and fractions. There will be an emphasis on problem solving and accuracy of calculations to ensure children become Maths Masters in each area. Support in helping children quickly recall times tables and number facts is very welcome. By the end of Year 3, children should be able to quickly and accurately recall the multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables (having learnt the 2, 5 and 10 times tables in Year 2), and up to 12 times tables by the end of Year 4. Times tables rock stars continues to be a popular way to learn times tables. Children can also explore other ways to learn including songs, rhymes, chants, games for example. Also, look at these websites for some great ideas:


It's going to be another exciting and fun filled term!


Class 2 have been very busy as artists working in the style of Henry Moore to create a clay sculpture.As Geographers, we have mapped the physical features of the U.K. including mountain ranges and rivers.

Science - we investigated liquids and gases.

Mr Egypt's visit - we explored real Egyptian artefacts including amulets and oil lamps,explored hieroglyphics, sampled foods, enjoyed Egyptian dance and learned about Pharoahs, pyramids and mummification.

Mummification - Class 2 enjoyed mummifying Pharaoh Tomato. They are now busy writing detailed instructions on how to mummify fruit Ancient Egyptian style.