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Well-being Ambassadors

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors (Council) at Kneesall C of E Primary School include pupils from each year group across school, who are positive role models for others. Their role includes supporting pupil wellbeing through proactively empowering children to positively interact, to ensure no bullying occurs, and to identify children that may need support.


The Wellbeing Ambassadors are also responsible for making sure mental health and wellbeing is a priority for everyone within school, in line with the World Health Organisation’s campaign for 2022. By advocating the need to be vocal about our Wellbeing, the Wellbeing Council will be ambassadors of an ethos which teaches us it is good to ‘speak out’ and ask for help, from a young age.


Our Wellbeing Ambassadors are Elsie, Jacob, Zachary, James, Harriet, Jenna, Florence, Henry, Devon and Henry. 


The Wellbeing Council, alongside the Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) with support from the Mental Health Ambassador, will create an action plan that includes small steps promoting wellbeing across the school. This will include gathering information through observing and talking with children in each class.


Autumn 2022 plans: 

Children have been learning about digital well-being in RSHE in the first Autumn half term, so the Wellbeing council will draw on their learning from this and ensure that we are being safe online! 


We will continue monitoring play times to ensure that class Playtime Boxes are being used well and that these are kept up to date with children's interests.


We will ensure that all children in school are aware of our 'Buddy bench' system, so that everyone feels happy and included at playtimes.




Autumn 2021 plans: 

The Wellbeing Council will meet twice each half-term to focus on play times. This term's plan:


To plan wellbeing playtime activities and resources for each class 

To complete a survey of what children want at play times

To present ideas to the school 


Update Spring 2022

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Children's Mental Health Week (February 22). We welcomed Haydon from the Mental Health Support Team (NHS) who delivered an interesting assembly to introduce the week. We considered what we need to put on own personal mental health first aid kit.  During the week, each class considered how we have grown emotionally, what we have achieved, how we can promote positive mental health and who can help us. It's been a super week celebrating us!


The Wellbeing Council presented the playtime activities boxes to each class in Good Book Assembly. The group successfully requested a small budget from the school office to purchase additional playtime resources for children in each class and asked each class to suggest ideas for their own boxes. Activities selected include mindfulness, bird watching, team games and nature objects.