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Working From Home Year 2

Welcome to Week Two! We've got lots more fun things to do this week. As it is the last week of this half term before Easter I have made a pack for you to find out all about Easter with lots of great activities for you to have a go at. This week's English tasks are all about a great poem. I love poetry and really hope you enjoy learning your poem and having a go at the activities. Lastly Maths is all about position and direction. Another fantastic week in store spending time with your fabulous families. Have fun! With love from Mrs Swain

P.S. I've also found a great Lego Challenge for you to have a go at if you like the look of it. Please don't feel you have to do it, you could always just use some of the ideas from it and do them in your own way over the holidays. 

Friday 3rd April

I really can't believe that we have reached the end of the second week already. It has just flown by, they do say that time flies when you are having fun! So it's Fabulous Friday and then you get to have a rest for a while. It's still really important that you work hard in your family teams though and that you look after each other. Easter may not be quite the same as usual this year but we still have our families to be grateful for and to have lots of fun with! I'll write again soon but for now sending lots and lots of love to you all, Mrs Swain x 

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Class One! We may not have had as much sunshine this week but I hope you have still been able to get outside lots and are managing to keep your grown ups active too! I've had some lovely messages this week and heard about lots of great achievements, like being able to ride a bike without stabilizers!! What an amazing achievement. Please do let me know if you have anything you want to share. It sounds like you are all doing an amazing job doing your school work at home but this is also such a wonderful opportunity to do super things with your family. What will you achieve over the next few weeks? I can't wait to hear about it. Lots of love from Mrs Swain x 

Lego Challenge