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Welcome to the Foundation Stage


 Working From Home 


Dearest Foundation Stage,  


Working from home is new for all of us but I want you to take this opportunity to show your parents all the wonderful things you have learnt and will continue to learn.  So I expect you to get dressed every morning and brush those teeth ready for the day ahead with a big smile! I still expect you to try your very best so no rushing and really think about your letter and number formation. For those younger members of the class I want to see lots of lovely mark making in your Working From Home book. I am very happy for you to complete your work in either felt tip or pencil, as you know felt tips glide beautifully over the page and helps develop your muscles in your fingers which is crucial.  


Each day you will have one Maths activity to do, one Phonics activity and then in addition to this you will also choose one practical idea from the Classroom Secrets booklet or Finger Gym activity. You are to evidence your chosen practical idea in your Working From Home book. The practical ideas range from baking a cake with an adult, finding 5 squares around the house and look out the window what can you see?  


FS2 you will also continue to read to a grown-up as often as you can. The books you read might be books you already have at home or an ebook that your grown-up at home may be able to find for you on the internet. There are lots of these available, for example on websites such as or  

FS1 and FS2 it is important that you pick a story book each day and ask your grown up politely to read it to you. Parents, exposing your children to language through story telling is the gift that keeps on giving and plays a huge role in your child’s development.  


Foundation Stage you love P.E. and it is so important for your physical development of your gross and fine motor skills. So if you have lots of energy to burn Joe Wicks is running a daily P.E. session at 9am every morning on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV and for those of you who would prefer a calming 15 minutes working on the key skill of balance, Cosmic Kids Yoga is also another invaluable resource that your grown up can get for you.  


Lastly, I am going to miss you all dearly and I cherish the moment we are all back together. So remember to keep washing your hands, stay safe, be kind to one another especially to your grown-ups but most importantly Foundation Stage you are 3, 4 or 5 years old don’t forget to have lots of fun and time to play because that’s what the Foundation Stage is all about.  


I can’t wait to see you all again soon with all my love from the bottom of my heart  


Miss Walsh  



P.S. Your grown-ups might find useful. It has lots of great tips and advice, including strategies for successful home learning, and explains lots of the learning that we do!    




Chick Update 27.3.20

Chick Update 27.3.20 1
Chick Update 27.3.20 2
Chick Update 27.3.20 3

Good morning Foundation Stage,

What another beautiful day we have been blessed with. Well done on your first week of Working From Home. I am so very proud of you.


Chick news, I will be praying hard for the safe arrival of our chicks in the coming days. No more turning now, I have added the water this morning to the incubator and I am not to touch anything until hopefully we see some hatching Sunday onwards. As you can see from the pictures they are safely on my bedside table in the spare room. 

Have another productive day of working from home and don't forget to enjoy the sunshine where you can. Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe. 


Sending lots of love to you all and your families 

Miss Walsh