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Welcome to the Foundation Stage


Welcome back to Summer Term 2, I hope you have all had a lovely rest? Wasn't the weather just wonderful?! 


Miss Gray and I look forward to seeing you continue your Learning Journey with us at Kneesall. What will you achieve this year? 


Although life at school continues to be different for all of us, this term promises to be another exciting learning experience with many fantastic opportunities. Our Summer Term 2 topic's are:



Big Wide World

In the Big Wide World project, your child will find out about the world in which they live. They will learn about different climates and explore habitats, including flora and fauna (collection of plant and animal specifies in a given geographic location). They will locate the United Kingdom on a world map and compare life in the United Kingdom with life elsewhere. They will also learn about caring for their environment, both locally and beyond.

Ideas for supporting your child at home

  • Use Google Earth to explore where you live and look up places you would like to visit.
  • Talk about places around the world you have visited, or places that family members or friends live. Look at the places on a map and talk about ways to travel.



This is the companion topic to Big Wide World. 

In the Splash! project, your child will explore water play and learn about the different forms and bodies of water. They will learn about freezing and melting and make ice lollies. They will investigate objects that float or sink and explore capacity.


Ideas for supporting your child at home

  • Talk about how to stay safe in water 
  • Talk about how you use water at home and why it is important to drink water throughout the day.
  • Find out about animals that live in water.
  • Have fun playing with water in the bath, a paddling pool or swimming pool. 


The Foundation Stage prides itself on adapting according to the interests of the children, providing spontaneous learning opportunities adhering to the core principles of the Foundation Stage. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!


Finally, we very much look forward to joining in the many wonderful whole school events which will be done differently this half term but will allow us to continue to stretch our creativity. 


Things to remember:  

To ensure that your child is prepared for each school day please send them with their carrier bag, reading diary,  a named water bottle, a waterproof coat, wellington boots, a change of socks and at least two pairs of spare pants and bottoms. 


A quick reminder to parents if you haven’t already, if your child would like milk please register at Under fives receive free milk!


On  the day children have PE they will come to school in their PE kit, their allocated PE day will be a Friday afternoon. 


Thank you once again for your continued support 


Miss S. Walsh Foundation Class Teacher

Miss V. Gray Teaching Assistant




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