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In Autumn 2 our topic will be...Moon Zoom!

What would we do if an Alien space ship landed in our playground?! We're sure Class One would enjoy using their Science knowledge of materials to investigate all the parts! Then I bet they'd love to make their own space ship for the Alien to travel home in! 


To support your child's learning this half, spend some dark evenings in your garden looking up at the stars. I wonder what questions the children will ask about the universe beyond our world? We will be having an exciting drama-filled day when a theatre company come in to teach the children about Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landings.


In Class One we love to read for pleasure! This half term we will reading a variety of popular stories set in the woods like The Beegu and The Man on the Moon. We will also read lots of non-fiction books too about Space, and about our Science learning, finding out lots about different types of materials.


In RE this half term, we will be learning about celebrations; like Eid and Christmas! What is the true meaning of Christmas? 


In D&T we will be getting crafty, designing and making our own moving Moon Buggies! We will learn how to use wheels and axles to create a chassis that could transport someone across the rocky ground of the moon!


We will also be making music this half term, thinking about the different noises instruments play and how they can be played together in different ways to make lots of wonderful sounds. I wonder if we can create our own jingle ready for Christmas?!


In RSHE the children will be thinking about our 'One World'. We will think about our families and our homes, and the people within these places who help and care for us. We will think about school and consider why rules are necessary. We will learn about our environment and how we have a responsibility to care for our world as well as considering the resources we use and how we can become Planet Protectors!  



Read Write Inc - Phonics and Spelling

At Kneesall School we use the Read Write Inc. scheme for Phonics and Spelling. It is a very popular and successful literacy programme. Your child will learn to read in a very simple way. He or she will learn to:

1. Read letters by their ‘sounds’

2. Blend these sounds into words

3. Read the words in a story.

The sounds are split into 3 sets and children read books that contain sounds that they have already learnt to enable them to build their confidence and therefore read more fluently. Fluency in reading is very important as it allows the children to focus on understanding what they are reading rather than having to focus on decoding to read.  

First, your child will learn to read:

•  Set 1 Speed Sounds: these are sounds written with one letter: m  a  s  d  t  i  n  p  g  o  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h  r  j  v   y  w  z  x and sounds written with two letters  (your child will call these ‘special friends’): sh  th  ch   qu  ng  nk  ck

• Words containing these sounds, by sound-blending,  e.g. m–a–t  mat, c–a–t  cat, g–o–t  got, f–i–sh  fish,  s–p–o–t  spot, b–e–s–t  best, s–p–l–a–sh  splash

• Red, Green and Purple Storybooks.


Second, he or she will learn to read:

•  Set 2 Speed Sounds: ay  ee  igh  ow  oo  oo  ar  or   air  ir  ou  oy

•  Words containing these sounds

•  Pink, Orange and Yellow Storybooks.


Third, he or she will learn to read:

•  Set 3 Speed Sounds: ea  oi  a-e  i-e  o-e  u-e  aw   are  ur  er  ow  ai  oa  ew  ire  ear  ure

• Words containing these sounds

• Blue and Grey Storybooks.


Children will learn an associated phrase for each of the set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds to help to remember them. (Please see attached document below).

Each daily RWI lesson consists of a Speed Sound lesson, a chance to practise reading words from their current book, an independent read of the current book and a writing activity based on the book.

One book last for three days over which children also learn about grammar and do comprehension activities linked to the book.

The Oxford Owl website has loads of really useful resources to help you support your child:  


In Year 2, as the children come to the end of the Phonics scheme, they start the Spelling scheme. This looks more closely at spelling, for example different ways of spelling the same sound. 

Maths in Key Stage One

In Maths we teach the different areas in blocks. These blocks are:

  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Measurement; Length and height
  • Measurement; Weight and volume (Y1)/Mass, Capacity and Temperature (Y2)
  • Measurement; Money
  • Measurement; Time 
  • Fractions
  • Geometry: Position and direction
  • Geometry: Shape
  • Statistics (Y2)